True Belonging…

She knew that walking on this path would take her away from all things familiar to her. She knew that the path may get rough and lonely at times. She knew that she may find herself miles away from the people in her life. She knew that she may be breaking all the cultural norms and may struggle with her sense of belonging.

And yet she knew that somehow she will be alright. Something deep inside her told her that that path is the path to her true liberation and true happiness. She just knew that she needs to walk on that path to become a better parent and a better person overall. She got tired of confining her thoughts inside the barriers of culture and society just to be able to fit in. She was always wired in to not tolerate inequality and injustice in the name of culture and tradition. She was always wired in to ask questions and find out the truth, not just blindly accept what everyone else presented to her as the truth. She always had an insatiable curiosity and a love for learning. She knew that she had to follow her heart and take her chances.

So here she is now after several miles of walking on that path. There were several moments of deep isolation. There were lots of judgments. Her values and beliefs have changed significantly. She can no longer connect with most people who were in her life when she embarked on this journey. The walk was not easy by any means. There were many tears along the way. There were several moments of insecurity and self doubt. But she kept marching forward because the urge to truly belong to herself was very strong, almost primal. As she peeled out layers and layers of conditioning, re-evaluated every thought and belief along the way to rewire her brain to make new neural pathways, as she started to get in touch with her true nature, her heart got lighter. She realized that she was enough just the way she was. She learned to love herself unconditionally and that unconditional love started radiating outwards towards her family, friends, strangers, everyone who came into contact with her. While some old relationships fell off the way leaves fall off from a tree when the tree is shaken up, new relationships started taking their place without much effort on her part. Her heart started radiating with unlimited joy and self love. It’s ripple effects continue to spread outwards into the world in many ways with very little effort on her part. She realized that there is greatness inside her that was suppressed under layers of conditioning. She learned to embrace it fully no matter what the price. She became invincible.

“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.” – Maya Angelou

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