Positive Forgiveness…

Enjoying the simple everyday wisdom in this book. I started it only a couple of days ago but I am moving through it quickly because it is an easy and an interesting read. Ajahn Brahm imparts wisdom via short inspiring stories in this book. I would recommend this book to everyone but particularly to those who are in the beginning stages of their spiritual journey. I am marking a few stories as I read so that I can read them aloud to my daughter. All the stories so far (except the ones in the love and commitment section) are simple enough to read aloud to a ten year old. I am already excited about the prospect of sharing my spiritual values with my daughter!

This particular quote caught my attention this morning because I have been trying to practice this positive forgiveness in my own life without really knowing this term. It is very difficult to put this in practice but undoubtedly it is worth the effort. In much more simpler terms I think all this is saying is focus on a person’s strengths and forgive their weaknesses. It’s hard to do this when that person’s weaknesses are hurting you. But then again may be the real work is in understanding why you are giving other people the power to hurt you. The work probably starts with a simple acknowledgement of the fact that you need to work on yourself internally to get to a point where you fully own your own happiness as opposed to blaming others, getting angry at them and attempting to change their behaviors (all utterly useless attempts)…

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