Book Review; Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Sal is a toddler who goes to the blueberry bush with her mother to pick blueberries. Mother wants to be left alone so that she can focus on picking blueberries. She would like to can them for winter. Sal tries to pick blueberries but is unable to because she cannot stop herself from eating them. On the other side of the blueberry hill is a mama bear and a baby bear. Mama bear would like the baby bear to eat a lot of blueberries and get full for winter. Eventually baby bear and Sal wander off from their mothers.

This story raised many questions from my boys. First, they pointed out promptly that Sal made a bad choice by wandering off from her mother. Next they also promptly pointed out that bears are dangerous. Despite these contradictions to the current world, I thought this was a great read. The pictures were beautiful and the story was simple and engaging. If anything the questions that my boys raised allowed me to reinforce some safety rules with them. The fact that they keep asking me to read it again and again tells me that they found it interesting overall. We will pick blueberries this summer and hopefully even can some of them for the winter months.

P.S: I got this recommendation from the book: “Read Aloud Revival” – an inspiring read for parents who are motivated to raise readers.

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