Nature Explorers…

“I still need to make lunch. The boys may be hungry when we get back home from the walk.

Stay in the moment, enjoy the boys’ attempts to stop flowing water with their hands. Ask questions and stimulate their brains.

It’s getting hot, we should probably head back. Did I make a mistake by proposing a nature walk? What if it gets too hot and the boys give me a hard time about walking back home?

Stay in the moment and enjoy exploring the puddle of water on the driveway with the boys. It’s fun to watch them observe the debris in the water under their microscopes!

It’s been 10 mins and we barely walked 10 feet. I told them that we would be walking up to the fire hydrant. If I change that plan now will there be tantrums? If I don’t change that plan will we ever get to that fire hydrant? Maybe I should rush them, they are taking too long watching those ants.

Stay in the moment and watch the ants crawling on the ground with the boys. Deep breaths!

Wow, these ants are busy! I never spent much time observing ants. I wonder why!

The sounds of birds singing and the sound of the gentle breeze is so relaxing! It’s warm but it is so pleasant with the breeze!

How many different kinds of leaves are out here? The boys are filling up their bags with them.

Look at these sweet little boys…they are filled with wonder and excitement! It’s so exciting to watch an earthworm crawl under the magnifying glass! It’s equally exciting to examine a fire hydrant under the same magnifying glass. The world is beautiful. Nature is amazing!”

We spent about a half hour on our nature walk and barely got about 30 feet from our home. We watched a runner do four rounds around the neighborhood in the time that it took us to walk 30 feet. But we examined a ton of ants, an earthworm, a ton of leaves, a couple of fire hydrants, a couple of drainage holes and quite a few trees, fallen branches, fallen acorns, interesting rocks of different shapes and sizes,etc. We picked up quite a few things and brought them home for our nature project. We don’t know what that nature project would be but we will figure it out.

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