Slowing Down…

After a couple of years of running around shuttling my daughter from one activity to another thus splitting up as a family while one parent watches her toddler twin brothers, we took a drastic decision this year and reduced our daughter’s extra curricular activities to just two. I will admit that I was consumed with a severe case of “fear of missing out” in the beginning but I stuck to my decision and followed through. The result of that is (apart from what you see here on my page), she became an avid reader (yes, she didn’t become a television addict like I originally thought), she did a ton of craft projects with me, she baked more cakes (baking is her current passion), we went out on more walks in the neighborhood and laughed a lot more together, she played basketball with her dad a lot more than before, she played with her brothers and fought with them a lot more, she did very well at school and we had dinner together as a family on most nights. The world did not fall apart. In fact our world slowed down significantly and became richer with more meaningful experiences. Onward we go!

#slowparenting #connectingwithkids #consciousparenting #parentingwithpurpose #lessonslearned #learningandgrowing #mindfulparenting #overscheduled #mindfulmomto3 #parentinglessons

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