Book Review: Searching for stars on an island in Maine by Alan Lightman

Just finished reading this brilliant book written by a brilliant author. I have a deep respect and admiration for this author – Alan Lightman. I read Einstein’s Dreams and Accidental Universe, both written by him, before picking up this book. While I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed Accidental Universe (hence the three stars – my expectations were very high), this was also a good read. As the author ponders over questions about existence, human need for certainty and permanence in an universe that is ever changing and impermanent, the origins of this universe, the parallels between science and religion, etc. I found myself pondering over the same questions at a much deeper level. It’s good to step out of our own little worlds and ponder these bigger questions once in a while. From observing ants crawling on the ground to pondering over the origins of this universe as a whole Mr Lightman does a great job in showing the reader how much we don’t know as human beings and yet how frantically we defend our own beliefs rooted in certainty when nothing out there is certain. He does not offer any solid conclusions, just pondering. And in doing so he brings up more questions for the reader to ponder. I am humbled by the experience of reading this book. Simply brilliant!

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