M’s book review: The Explorers by Adrienne Kress

I happened to buy this book for my 10 year old at the airport on a whim and she loved it. Second book in this series just came out and we already have it on hold at our library. The best reviews for children’s books come from children themselves. Here’s her review that she wrote on her class blog:

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley By Adrienne Kress:

One day when Sebastian is walking home with his cousin/best friend Arthur, Arthur is complaining about getting a C on a test when he turns down a different street other than the faster one. As they keep walking, they discover a door that says “The Explorer’s Society.” It was hard for Sebastian to ignore a door like that. But things get even weirder when the next day, Sebastian finds a pig in a tiny hat running down the street and a man running in only zigzags down the street. The man invites Sebastian inside the Explorers Society and then a strange woman comes down and starts screaming at the old man. The woman invites Sebastian for some tea and then casually tells him that she is going to call the cops on him for trespassing. But instead of doing that, she makes Sebastian clean the Explorers Society everyday which he weirdley enjoys. Evie is an orphaned girl who lives at a school. Then one night when she is having dinner with the Andersons, two creepy men come in, one with a wired mouth and the other with a melted face. That night, Evie finds out that her grandfather is still alive and needs to go to the Explorers Society. The next day, Evie meets Sebastian after she gets kicked out of the society. So starts the journey to find Evie’s grandfather and “the key.” Will they succeed? Do you like realistic fiction, mystery, and adventure? If so, then you will probably like this book! It is realistic fiction because these events could happen, but they didn’t. The mystery is to find out where Evie’s grandfather is and where/what “the key” is. There is adventure because at many points in the story, Evie and Sebastian get chased by the melted face man and the wire mouthed man. This is one of my favorite books because it is action packed with mysterious things that will make you want to keep reading!

Rating: 5 stars

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