Explosive child…

I love you when you roar

I love you when you punch, kick and scream

I love you when you throw things around in rage

I love you when you pout and hiss

I love you when you tell me that I am not your best friend anymore, that you don’t want me. And yet you still linger around me.

I love you no matter what you do. I love you because you are you.

Here’s my commitment to you as your mother:

I will respect the kindred spirit inside you and do my best to set healthy limits on your behavior without breaking that spirit.

I will always assume your best intentions, even in the worst circumstances. I will always operate under the assumption that you will do well if you are able to, I will never assume that you are acting up to manipulate me into giving in to your way.

The rest of the world may be afraid of your intensity. The rest of the world may judge you. But I will never be afraid of it, in fact I will embrace it fully just like I embraced my own intensity. I will always be your advocate no matter what.

I will never define you by your bad behavior, not even subconsciously. I will always love you unconditionally.

I will try to model healthy and effective ways of channeling your intensity so that one day you are able to look at it as your own unique super power and wear it as an armor around you.

I realize that I will get frustrated at times and make mistakes. But I will always reflect on my mistakes without beating myself up about them. And when I am ready I will own up to them and make amends with you. I will also continue to learn from my mistakes.

I will continue to practice mindfulness so that I am able to recognize the triggers for my own bad behavior and I am able to recognize when I am in an environment where those triggers are active which will then help me stop myself from spiraling down that same slippery slope again and again. By putting this into practice in my own life, hopefully I will be able to teach you to be mindful of your own behavior also.

I will always have your best interests in my heart, no matter what the circumstances are. I will strive relentlessly to always do the best for you with the end goal of helping you reach your full potential. There is no bigger purpose in my life than this. This is my commitment to you because you deserve this and much more from me.


Your intense/passionate Mama 😃

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