Learning about water animals…

This week the boys wanted me to get books on sharks and whales from the library. So I got them a few books on sharks, whales and other under water animals. We have been reading these books for a couple of days now. So this morning I decided to do a craft related to this theme with them. I tapped into my children’s art books (I have a few of these) and found a simple craft in the book titled ‘Art Treasury’ (very good book). I drew an under water scene for them on card stock paper, gave them oil pastels, water color paints and brushes. I demonstrated to them how water color spreads on oil pastels to give a different effect. One of the boys tried this initially but he switched to water colors only later. The other one used a combination of oil pastels and water colors but did not overlay them. My daughter also sat down with us and sketched the underwater scene for herself. She didn’t finish her project yet but it was nice to watch all three kids at the table doing art together for a bit.

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