A great start to my weekend…

Started my weekend with these three absolutely amazing books. One – Its ok not to share by Heather Shumaker – inspired me to be a better parent today and gave me a new perspective on some of the parenting challenges that I often face with my kids. The other – Searching for stars on an island in Maine by Alan Lightman – allowed me to step out of my own self-centered little world and ponder much bigger questions regarding the universe, it’s origins, the uncertainty and impermanence of the universe vs the human need for certainty and permanence, etc (absolutely wonderful read). The third book – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows – gave me a chance to get lost in the fascinating world of magic, witches and wizards. The kids were cooperative so I was able to squeeze in a few mins of meditation too. Reading, writing, thinking and reflecting – What a wonderful start to my weekend!

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