Golden nuggets of wisdom from someone I admire…

Occasionally we come across some special people in our lives who seem to be carrying an aura around them. When they speak you want to listen. Not just listen but also believe in them and their cause. I had the wonderful opportunity of hearing someone like that speak recently. These golden nuggets of wisdom came from him and they stayed with me. I am sure they will stay with me forever.

I don’t know what creates an aura around some people but I am guessing it’s their integrity. I believe that when a person’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned or in other words when they are one with themselves then they emit this aura around them. When the crowd stood up to give this person a rock star farewell I felt a strong connection with every body in that room, as if we were all a part of something big. What an inspiring leader! Thank you for proving that you don’t have to loose your integrity to achieve success in the corporate world.

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