It’s ok not to share… by Heather Shumaker

I like to read parenting books for motivation and also so that I can add new tools to my parenting toolbox. Parenting books help me understand my children’s worlds better and also give me different creative ways to encounter my daily parenting challenges. I like to constantly push my boundaries by gaining new knowledge and applying it in my life. This particular book is written by Heather Shumaker and is targeted towards raising preschool age children. The title grabbed my attention immediately because with twin boys, sharing is always an issue in our home. I already finished the chapter on sharing and while I won’t say that it was eye opening to me, it was definitely more validation of my own thoughts and feelings around this subject. Validation is very important as well because raising young children can some times be an isolated experience as we all know. I am only about half way through the book but my key takeaway so far is to not interrupt a child who is fully engaged in playing with something even if the social rules do not agree with this approach. I kinda like this idea but I am not sure how it will go if I were at a shared public play area and other kids are waiting for their turns with something that my kid is playing with. That said, this is something that I can definitely implement with my boys at home. Looking forward to reading the rest of the book…

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