Bug soup…

Bug soup: plastic bugs from the dollar store + dried rose petals + water beads + little stones + water mixed in with food color and a bit of glitter. I covered the basement floor with tarp, put raincoats and rain boots on my preschoolers, gave them ladles, cups, sieves, etc (all purchased for them at the dollar store) and let them play on their own while I watched from a distance and took pictures. My 10 year old was also fascinated by this. All three of my kids played with this for almost an hour. They used the sieves to separate the solids from the liquid and sort the various separated items into their own containers. They spilled some water on the tarp so when they were done playing with the big soup, we moved the bucket away and they started sliding down the tarp as if it were a water slide. I buy mops, rags, brushes, etc for my kids at the dollar store and keep them handy. I gave those to them, played an upbeat song and all of us cleaned up together afterwards, We did this activity twice this past winter on days when it was too cold to go outside. My kids still beg me to do it again. That is how much they loved it. It requires some set up from my side but it is so worth it! Just the fact that I was able to positively engage all three of my kids in one activity makes it all worthwhile for me. I am looking forward to doing this outdoors in summer.

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