Collage with everyday pantry items…

Collage with uncooked items from the kitchen (pasta, applejacks, pecans, rice, beans). I bought these cupcake baking trays at the dollar store. I keep them handy so that I can easily put this craft together on the dining table whenever I need it. The key is to have various supplies handy but to not repeat the same activity frequently because I noticed that my boys get bored of it easily. As a full time working mother I am constantly juggling various responsibilities. When I know that I need some time to finish up my chores I first lay out a new craft for my kids on the dining table where I can supervise them. Then I enlist my daughter’s support. She is very creative and is usually interested in doing crafts with her little brothers. I always stay near by to help my kids resolve any conflicts that they might run into (which happens often). There are many obvious benefits of doing this apart from limiting screen time. The most important benefit for me is that all three of my kids are engaged in creating something together despite the age difference between my daughter and her little brothers. They usually require only limited intervention from me which means I can quickly finish up my chores. I am not saying that this works 100% of time but it works most of the time. I noticed that most of my bad parenting moments occur when I have things on my mind that I feel like I need to get done and my kids don’t cooperate. After reflecting upon those moments I realized that if I am crystal clear on my priorities in life, if I can plan ahead a bit and stay mindful at all times then I can actually avoid those parenting moments that cause a lot of regret later.

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