Blessed I am!

I wondered why she was sneaking into the basement at every chance that she got. It turns out she was making a card for me. Then as I collapsed in the sofa with a book in my hand after (finally) getting the boys in their beds for their afternoon naps, I heard her making noises in the kitchen. I was too tired to ask her what she was doing. She showed up with a beautifully decorated lemon cake that she made in the microwave for both of us. I told her that my heart is so full with the memorable moments that she gave me in the past few days that if I could I would wrap up the whole world and give it to her as a gift and it still wouldn’t be enough. Then we snuggled on the sofa with our legs intertwined, her head on my shoulder and read aloud while eating the delicious cake that she made. Blessed I am!

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