A spring time craft for the boys…

Tried to get the boys to do this collage over the weekend. I was going to help them make these cards for their teachers for teacher appreciation week. It took me a long time to cut up the flowers, stems, leaves, etc for both of them. Not that I am complaining because it was actually very relaxing. But the boys didn’t want to do it. I tried my best to get them interested in it but they just rejected it. Both of them! It was a bit disappointing in the beginning but then I quickly wrapped my head around it and finished up their pages also on my own. It made me wonder if it was too challenging for their age or if it’s just them being three year olds. Either way I am going to try to do a collage again with them soon. I have a few ideas floating around in my head already…

#craftymom #craftymama #mindfulmomto3 #limitscreentime #keepingthreeyearoldshappy #twinmom #twins #threeyearoldtwins #threeyearoldart #threeyearoldshenanigans #mindfulparenting #artsymom #preschoolers

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