A heartfelt letter to Ms Rowling…

Thank you, Ms Rowling! For writing stories of fascinating other worlds and for creating characters in them that will stay with me and my daughter forever. Thank you for igniting a passion for reading in my ten year old daughter. Had you not done that I may not have read your stories of witches and wizards. Oh, how peaceful it was to open your books at the end of a hard day and get lost in the magical worlds that you created in them! Had I not read these books I may be struggling to connect with my hormonal, adolescent daughter. Now I can bring up a character or a curse or an incident from the books when we run into an emotionally charged situation and she is all excited and ready to talk to me. Had you not written these books, I may not have come this far to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter with my daughter to make all these special memories with her. I may not have heard her say ‘I can’t believe we are here’ a million times or ‘It’s so nice to visit all those places that I read about in books’ or watch her take lots of pictures and excitedly send them to her friends. I realize that some day my little girl will be all grown up and living away from me. And that day will come much sooner than I am prepared for. I know this because I know that this is how life works. But these precious memories that we are making together now will stay in our hearts forever. Thank you for impacting my little girl’s world and my world in such a positive way. Hats off to you!

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